Galaxy Note 2 Release Date

The Galaxy Note 2will be available in Europe by mid October, but is expected to be in the USA somewhere in early November.

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While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 official release date is not known yet it is known that it will be officially announced at the IFA & HTC event which will take place later in August. As you know this device is neither a classic phone nor a tablet and many just refer to it simply as the next generation ‘phablet’. The Korean giant was rather proud of the success the first Galaxy Note had, so it has high hopes for their new device which will need to rise to the challenge set to it by Samsung’s very own Galaxy S3 smartphone when it comes to internal hardware and some special Samsung branded software.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Explained

 Apart from the release at IFA 2012, the South Korean company has announced that they plan to show off the Galaxy Note 2 at Samsung Mobile Unpacked in Berlin on August 29. First reports were speculating a launch date in October, but it appears Samsung wants to take the heat away from the rumored iPhone 5 release date which is set for September. This device isn’t a direct competitor to the Galaxy Note 2, but none the less Samsung will give its best to hog Apple’s spotlight as much as possible.
galaxy note 2 release date
Berlin, here we come!
 Another rising competitor for the Galaxy Note 2 is the Taiwanese firm HTC. Their HTC One was a brilliant phone and a great competitor to the Galaxy S3. HTC doesn’t have any amazing tablet out, but rumor has it that they are working their way up slowly. Recent reports say that they are working on releasing their own 5 inch device and will probably try and take down the Galaxy Note, and perhaps even the next-gen Galaxy Note 2. This device won’t come out so soon though so it is perhaps not worth the attention at the moment. A report from Digitimes said that the device will sport a 1794x1080 pixel resolution display, as well as Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon S4 processor. 
 The people at HTC just ignored the rumors when asked about it by the reputable reporters from T3. If you are looking to get your hands on the best phablet then you can be sure that the Galaxy Note 2 will be just that.

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