Galaxy Note 2 Rumor Archive

 Some of us have been waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 for quite a while and finally we have some solid information in the form of a release date and specs. Many were skeptical when Samsung Galaxy Note came out first into the scene and nobody really took it seriously as they found the gigantic size difficult to handle. However, it seems there was quite a market for devices which were something between a smartphone and a tablet (a “phablet”). In Samsung’s own words the Galaxy Note was a hit success worthy of a great successor. We are here to look over the rumored and some of the confirmed features and specs of the new Galaxy Note 2. Let’s see if the new device can follow the legacy the first one created!

Galaxy Note 2 Design

 We doubt the new device will be too different from the original one as this is a recognizable image for the Galaxy Note series. It is expected to be thinner, but also narrower with a taller body. Hopefully the new Note will have a design that will make it easier to hold the device with one hand and use it to its full effect.

galaxy tab 2 flexible display
Will it feature a flexible display?

Display Features

 This is one of the most important matters for most fans. Unofficial sources claim that the Galaxy Note II will come with a 5.5 inch panel which is something that has been debated of course. Still, the size won’t stray too far from this number. As for the resolution most are saying that we can expect a WSXGA+ resolution or 1050x1680 pixels. This would be pretty good, but Samsung also needs to increase the quality of the screen in order to make this type of resolution stand out. Many are talking that the Galaxy Note II will feature a more trustworthy 720x1280 resolution. However, if Samsung wants to impress us they will have to do better than that!
 As for the display we can expect the Super AMOLED display. Most are hopping though that Samsung will get rid of the PenTile matrix and replace it with a good old RGB one, and make this an HD Super AMOLED Plus display.
 There were rumors of flexible display technology, but it seems it is still too early for that to be featured on the Galaxy Note 2.

Processor and Memory

 When it comes to the processor there is much debate between the Exynos 5250 and the Exynos 4412 (featured on Galaxy S III). While the first would be a much more powerful option for the Galaxy Note 2, the second is still a great option, especially if it can run on 1.6 GHz. This would certainly provide a very smooth performance to the Note 2.
 When talking about the GPU side of things, the Exynos 4412 can feature Mali-400 that proved itself very good on the Galaxy S3 smartphone.
 When talking about the Galaxy Note 2 RAM we suspect it will probably be 2 GB which is rather good. Some are saying it will come with less but since Galaxy S3 raised the bar to a mandatory 2 GB of RAM it is hard to imagine that Samsung Note 2 will feature anything less.
galaxy tab 2 specs
The release is near

Galaxy Note 2 Camera

 The stories on the net don’t give out any good news about the camera. It will be either an 8MP or 12MP one. The Galaxy S3 featured very powerful software for its camera and we can expect the Galaxy Note 2 will do so as well. There will also be a front-facing camera for video chat and low quality self-portraits.
Operating system

 The debate now is whether or not the Galaxy Note 2 will come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest Android Operating System. I played around with it on different devices and honestly it isn’t much of a problem if the Note 2 comes with the older OS, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. When it comes to other features you can expect the standard LTE and NFC, as well as the impressive S Voice, S Beam and the other Samsung offerings bundled with TouchWiz UX.

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