Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 Review: Device presented at Samsung Unpacked in Berlin! [video + early review]

 Finally, we can feast on Samsung's latest creation, the Galaxy Note 2, a brilliant 5.5 inch smartphone featuring Super AMOLED HD and a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor! While it is still early for a full on front Galaxy Note 2 review, we can give our early opinions and state the facts for you. The Galaxy Note 2 was just presented today at the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin and fans were stunned by its awesome features and specs.

 Granted, the Note 2 does remind us of the Galaxy S3 smartphone a bit too much, but this can only be a good thing and you can rest assured that the Galaxy Note 2 is quite a unique device. So, are you ready to dive into this early Galaxy Note 2 review?

galaxy note 2 review
First Galaxy Note 2 press photo, more photos and a video in the rest of this article!

 The Galaxy Note 2 is quite an impressive device and you can look at the full list of specs to judge for yourself. If we had to highlight something in this Galaxy Note 2 review then that would be the brilliant quad-core processor, the improved Stylus and the brilliant camera as well as the record-braking 5.5 inch screen. The Galaxy Note 2 really has a lot going on for it and it is no longer just an improved version of the previous generation as some rumors online called it.

 The company has even made the Note 2 available with the latest Android OS - Jelly Bean which should be appreciated by everyone, especially the more advanced users. Of course the OS has been modified to suit the phones needs, especially those of the new S-Pen and its features.

Galaxy Note 2 with stylus pen
The Galaxy Note 2 and the redesigned S-Pen

  The redesigned S-Pen gives a whole new perspective the the Galaxy Note 2 as well and I can already see that it will be a tricky subject of future Galaxy Note 2 review sessions. The new rubber tip is supposed to make it feel more natural - as if you are writing on a piece of paper. It is hard to tell until we get a chance to mess around with it, but those who were at the event say that the feeling was amazing. For the developers, there will also be an S-Pen SDK version 2.2 available for download soon.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review - video from AndroidAuthority

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  1. If not for iPhone, this phablet will definitely be my current phone. What I really like about the new Galaxy Note 2 is its thin design and wide screen, perfect for browsing photos and videos. I must say its one hell of an upgrade when compare the the original Galaxy note. Check out the Galaxy Note vs Galaxy Note 2 comparison.