Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 Trailer (Samsung Unpacked Berlin 2012)

 Ready for some Galaxy Note 2 goodies? This time we have a nice video to get our imagination going as it is the official teaser trailer for the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin which will be held on the 29th of August. It is rumored that the Galaxy Note 2 will be presented to the public at this event and this video pretty much shows that you can expect it. No details are released in the video itself but Samsung has given us some hints and certainly stirred up our imagination. Have a look at the video yourself:

 The obvious focus on the creative aspect of the event and that of the Galaxy Note 2 perhaps serves as introduction to some new creative features from either the software or the hardware aspect. Perhaps we can expect a new type of S Pen which will work miracles on the new Note? As for the person in the video his name is Wim Wenders and he is a German film director, producer and a photographer and this furthermore increase the creative side of the device. How well will it do on our Galaxy Note 2 review remains to be seen, but we are very eager to have a look at it. 

 The leaked images of Galaxy Note 2's 5.5 inch screen really stirred up the media this week and we only have one week to go before we get to see the device in action!

 In case you cannot make it to Germany to get to Berlin on the 29th of August to come to this Samsung Unpacked event then don't worry as you can still watch the event being streamed online via their Facebook page. A similar concept was used with the Galaxy S3 unveiling at Samsung Unpacked in London so you can expect the stream to be high quality. Once the device comes out you can certainly expect us to write our own Galaxy Note 2 review.

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