Sunday, August 12, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 will have 2 unveilings, one for the US and one for Europe

 The Galaxy Note 2 is not the flagship device this year and it is normal to expect it to stay in the shadow of the massive Galaxy S3 advertising campaign. Even so, there is a lot of interest in Samsung's new phablet and to be honest it is the most awaited Android devices at the moment. This means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deserves a bit of its own spotlight and attention and to start things off the South Korean company will make sure it gets unveiled on two special events, one for the USA and the other for Europe. This August will be rather busy for the folks over at Samsung!

galaxy note 2 release
Carriers in the US will be announced in September.

 The first rumor of the Galaxy Note 2 event came in July and its said that we could expect the device on August 15. This however didn't fit well with Samsung's statement that we can expect the Note 2 around August 30, right before IFA’s official start. But what about both? Crazy idea? But why not? It is not such an impossible suggestion. After all, people in the USA waited for a couple of weeks to get the Galaxy S3 while those in Europe got it right away after the unveiling.

 The authors of speculate something different though and tell us that they think that the US public will see the device on the 15th and tech fans will see it in Europe on the 30th of August. Maybe there is truth to this as Samsung is holding its Unpacked event on the 29th of August in Berlin, Germany!

galaxy note 2 unveiling
Yay for Germany!

 The lack of news concerning a launch event in the US however show that there won't be a mid-August release date or unveiling for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In fact, the recent legal dispute between Apple and Samsung shows that Samsung is having a lot of trouble on the US market. The Note 2 will probably be available in the US mid-September so you will just have to wait out a bit loyal fans!

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