Friday, August 17, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 leaked photo confirms the 5.5 inch screen!

 The image bellow this paragraph confirms the latest rumors on the net concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen size. It was disputed wheatear or not it will be larger than the first Note and now we have proof that it will indeed have a display that is 0.2 inches larger than its predecessor. Before you scroll down to see the photo you should know that it was leaked online by an individual who reports simply called “William” and who is in no way related to this blog.

galaxy note 2 leaked photo

 May I remind you that the first Samsung Galaxy Note was dubbed as a "phablet"? I am saying this as it wasn’t the first and only device to get labeled as such, but the latest Galaxy Note 2 may perhaps be called the Mother of Phablets in the near future. In fact, it is safe to say that due to its 5.5-inch screen, the Galaxy Note 2 will no doubt go deeper into the realm of the miniature tablets that perform the functions of a mobile smartphone as well.

Galaxy Note 2 – the Best of both worlds?

 Due to that 5.5 inch screen we keep talking about this can no longer be referred to as any other ordinary smartphone. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will enter the halls of fame and will be the largest smartphone that has ever been released. This device will certainly be too large to fit into your pocket but it will in return have a brilliant 5.5 inch screen with great depth and color.

 There is something impressive cooking behind the hood of the Galaxy Note 2 as well! While it will be slimmer and thinner, it will still have a lot of extra space to fit in more powerful components. Such as the overclocked 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor which is one of the versions found in the powerful Samsung Galaxy S3. We can also expect the Galaxy Note 2 to come with the smooth Jelly Bean OS and a 12 MP camera! I am however a bit skeptical about the 12 MP camera and I think that an 8 MP camera will be enough. If it also comes with the impressive software for the Galaxy S3 then the Galaxy Note 2 will be a very powerful device.

 Read up further on the Galaxy Note 2 specs or the release date.

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  1. Until the event on the 29th, anything we read can only be rumor. With a device that wide, won’t it be awkward to hold to your head? That said, I think having a 5.5” display would be perfect for my commute. I work at Dish and take the light rail to work which is about an hour each way. In that time, I could use the Dish Remote Access app and my Sling connected to my Dish receiver to stream my favorite shows like The Big Bang Theory and Mythbusters. I am looking forward to the overclocked Exynos processor (if they keep that for the US model). If not, the LTE speeds on Verizon will still be nice.